Accent Lighting & Pergolas

   Accent lighting adds the finishing touch to your outdoor oasis.  Lighting adds ambiance for any nighttime gathering illuminating pathways, accentuating gorgeous plantings or adding just the right amount of light to highlight your gorgeous home. The new LED lights are energy efficient and are a beautiful addition to any decor.


Pergolas serve as a great enhancement to any building or open space. They provide shade as well as a unique visual appeal and act as an extension of a building by covering an open area, such as a terrace.  Freestanding pergolas provide a sitting area that allow you to enjoy those gentle summer breezes while diffusing the harsh rays of direct sunlight. They are also used in gardens to provide climbing plants with a structure on which to grow


Accent lighting and pergolas are definitely an attractive way to add a unique twist to your outdoor living area.  Let us help you create a one of a kind design for you.


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